Survey Identifier: NAV3084

Format Acronym: ARO88
Data Center File Number: 0480-067
Parameters Surveyed Code: FXD
File Creation Date (yyyymmdd): 19890906
Source Institution: US Naval Oceanographic Office
Platform Name: RP-3D ORION
Platform Type Code: 3
Platform Type: PLANE
Chief Scientists: Fred M. Valentine
Project: Project Magnet: Project C32-353: Flight 3084 ~ 3,855 Nautical Miles
Survey Departure Date (yyyymmdd): 19830624
Survey Arrival Date (yyyymmdd): 19830624
Flight Line Spacings: Single Flight Line, Variable Directions
Magnetometers Used: Vector and Scalar Magnetometers
Aircraft Altitude: 25,000 FT AG
Aircraft Velocity: 240 Knots
Sampling Rate: 2
Sensor Tow Distance: STINGER
Total Observations: 19894
Magnetic Sensitivity: 0.1 nT
Topmost Latitude of Survey: +22
Bottommost Latitude: +15
Leftmost Longitude: +172
Rightmost Longitude: -158
Archive NGDC Tape Letter: W
Additional Documentation: To remove high frequency noise, a low pass filter has been applied to all the, flight line data above 15,000 feet. Data at the beginning and end of a flight, are noisy because the aircraft is maneuvering during it's climb or descent to, or from survey altitude which is approximately 25,000 feet. Data below 15,000, feet or climb and descent data are not smoothed.
Number of Data Records: 19895
Datafile Header Info: PJCT=C32-353 FLGT= 3084 ,MTH= 6,DAY= 24, YR=1983,JDY= 175 -TO- 175,RCD= 19896,NAV=ESG ,CMP=ESG

Min/Max Data Record:
Longitude: -179.9976
Latitude: 14.9951
Mag Total Intensity Calc nT: 33177
Time Gmt Sec: 22103.4658
Mag East Component Obs nT: 27282
Mag North Component Obs nT: 4275
Mag Horizontal Intensity Calc nT: 27781
Mag Vertical Intensity Obs nT: 12124
Mag Declination Calc Deg: 8.3265
Mag Inclination Calc Deg: 21.2948
Alt Barometric Ft: 4300

Min/Max Data Record:
Longitude: 179.9973
Latitude: 21.1592
Mag Total Intensity Calc nT: 35792
Time Gmt Sec: 64227.2676
Mag East Component Obs nT: 30739
Mag North Component Obs nT: 5673
Mag Horizontal Intensity Calc nT: 31139
Mag Vertical Intensity Obs nT: 22283
Mag Declination Calc Deg: 11.4428
Mag Inclination Calc Deg: 38.6493
Alt Barometric Ft: 29000