Survey Identifier: M29-1

Format Acronym: MGD77
Data Center File Number: 83050035
Parameters Surveyed Code: 50000
File Creation Date (yyyymmdd): 19971031
Source Institution: Bundesamt Seeschiffahrt HydrographieBSH
Country: Germany
Platform Name: R/V Meteor
Platform Type Code: 1
Platform Type: SHIP
Survey Departure Date (yyyymmdd): 19940618
Survey Arrival Date (yyyymmdd): 19940712
Navigation Instrumentation: GPS (INS)
Geodetic Datum/Position: Transit satellite navigation
Bathymetry Instrumentation: Atlas Hydrosweep DS
Topmost Latitude of Survey: -35
Bottommost Latitude: -49
Leftmost Longitude: -061
Rightmost Longitude: -049
General Digitizing Rate of Bathymetry: 010
General Sampling Rate of Bathymetry: VAR W/ DEPTH
Additional Documentation: Atlas Hydrosweep DS is a hydrographic "multi-beam echosounder" which provides, measurements of depths, signal strengths, and a "mean velocity of sound in, water" by 59 performed beams (PFBs) which cover a sector of 90 degrees below, the ship. In the "survey mode" the fan of PFBs is oriented across the ship's, axis, in the "calibration mode" it is oriented along the ship's axis. MBSystem's (LDEO) mbcopy command was used to convert the raw format to a URI, VAX byte order format from which the vertical beam was then extracted.
Number of Data Records: 28675

Min/Max Data Record:
Date: 1994 06 18
Latitude: -48.91693
Longitude: -60.13392
Bathymetry, Corrected Depth: 180.0

Min/Max Data Record:
Date: 1994 07 12
Latitude: -35.54720
Longitude: -49.50890
Bathymetry, Corrected Depth: 9729.0