Survey Identifier: F687NC

Format Acronym: MGD77
Data Center File Number: 06780048
Parameters Surveyed Code: 30000
File Creation Date (yyyymmdd): 19901231
Source Institution: USGS Branch of Pacific Marine Geology
Country: United States
Platform Name: Farnella
Platform Type Code: 1
Platform Type: SHIP
Chief Scientist(s): McCulloch/Lewis
Survey Departure Date (yyyymmdd): 19871110
Port of Departure: Start cruise
Survey Arrival Date (yyyymmdd): 19871124
Port of Arrival: WE IS HOME !!!!!!!!!!!
Bathymetry Instrumentation: 3.5 kHz bathy
Seismic Instrumentation: TWO CHANNEL WATER GUN
Topmost Latitude of Survey: +40
Bottommost Latitude: +34
Leftmost Longitude: -125
Rightmost Longitude: -121
Number of Data Records: 4357

Min/Max Data Record:
Date: 1987 11 11
Latitude: +34.21667
Longitude: -124.19960

Min/Max Data Record:
Date: 1987 11 23
Latitude: +39.06178
Longitude: -121.11667