Survey Identifier: DI54L1-2

Format Acronym: MGD77
Data Center File Number: 19100002
Parameters Surveyed Code: 55113
File Creation Date (yyyymmdd): 1983 627
Platform Name: DISCOVERY
Platform Type Code: 1
Platform Type: SHIP
Chief Scientist(s): A. S. LAUGHTON
Project: CRUISE 54 LEG1, LEG2
Funding: NERC
Survey Departure Date (yyyymmdd): 19730630
Port of Departure: SOUTHAMPTON UK
Survey Arrival Date (yyyymmdd): 19730814
Navigation Instrumentation: SATELLITE
Geodetic Datum/Position: SATELLITE, UPDATED DR
Bathymetry Instrumentation: IOS MK 3 PES
Additional Forms of Bathymetric Data: ANALOG RECORDS
Magnetics Instrumentation: VARIAN U-75 PROTON
Additional Forms of Magnetics Data: ANALOG RECORDS
Seismic Instrumentation: 300 CU IN AIR GUN, 15-75 HZ, 2 CHANNELS
Formats of Seismic Data: MICROFILM
Topmost Latitude of Survey: +55
Bottommost Latitude: +32
Leftmost Longitude: -035
Rightmost Longitude: -005
General Digitizing Rate of Bathymetry: 060
General Sampling Rate of Bathymetry: ONE SEC
Assumed Sound Velocity: 14630
Bathymetric Datum Code: 00
General Digitizing Rate of Magnetics: 020
General Sampling Rate of Magnetics: 07
Magnetic Sensor Tow Distance: 160
Reference Field Code: 03
Reference Field: IGRF 65
Additional Documentation: IN PORT 730723-730726 PONTA
Number of Data Records: 29967

Min/Max Data Record:
Date: 1973 06 30
Latitude: +32.95870
Longitude: -34.73830
Bathymetry, Corrected Depth: 135.0
Magnetics Total Field, 1st Sensor: 286720
Magnetics Residual Field: -42100

Min/Max Data Record:
Date: 1973 08 14
Latitude: +54.63420
Longitude: -5.03550
Bathymetry, Corrected Depth: 5512.0
Magnetics Total Field, 1st Sensor: 482960
Magnetics Residual Field: +33370