Survey Identifier: AMLR94

Format Acronym: MGD77
Data Center File Number: 03020162
Parameters Surveyed Code: 50000
File Creation Date (yyyymmdd): 19940909
Source Institution: NOAA/NOS
Country: US
Platform Name: Surveyor
Platform Type Code: 1
Platform Type: SHIP
Survey Departure Date (yyyymmdd): 19940113
Port of Departure: PUNTA ARENAS, CHILE
Survey Arrival Date (yyyymmdd): 19940412
Port of Arrival: PUNTA ARENAS, CHILE
Navigation Instrumentation: GPS
Bathymetry Instrumentation: SeaBeam (Vertical Beam Extraction)
Topmost Latitude of Survey: 33
Bottommost Latitude: -64
Leftmost Longitude: -118
Rightmost Longitude: -052
General Digitizing Rate of Bathymetry: 010
General Sampling Rate of Bathymetry: var w/ depth
Interpolation Scheme: 1 minute extractions closest to the minute (vertical bm)
Additional Documentation: Complete meta data found in header files accompanying full resolution data, System specs: General Instruments SeaBeam, 15 beams, 12.158 kHz, 5.1m draft, ROLL_PITCH_SENSOR SINGER KEARFOTT C-704101026 S/N 285, SYST TIME_INSTRUMENTATION CAMAC CRATE INTERFACE CLOCK, SYST HEADING_SENSOR SPERRY MK 227 S/N 543, NAVI HORIZONTAL_DATUM NAD83; NAVI VERTICAL_DATUM MLLW
Number of Data Records: 45619

Min/Max Data Record:
Date: 1994 01 13
Latitude: -63.00791
Longitude: -117.33214
Bathymetry, Corrected Depth: 42.0

Min/Max Data Record:
Date: 1994 04 12
Latitude: +32.38517
Longitude: -52.97900
Bathymetry, Corrected Depth: 6121.0